Parking lot and landslide

Concrete Madness – the Alternative

In the name of progress careless destruction of what could be a visitor’s highlight: Tuasan Falls, once a paradise for nature lovers is now  a “developed” tourist spot.

The result:  Never ending landslides, danger to life and property, concrete jungle instead of virgin forest. You need not travel to Camiguin to see this.

Our Alternative: eco-tourism understood

  • access road to the vicinity of the tourist spot only
  • parking lot at 10 to 20 minutes easy walking distance to the attraction
  • shady trails for hikers and cyclers
  • wheelchair accessible trail for the disabled and elderly
  • guided horseback rides and hikes for tourists and their children
  • job creation for nearby villagers through sale of local products and services
  • Minimal destruction of the environment
  • Trees, plants and beauty to remember

Sustainable tourism addresses the needs of all and profits everyone

  • Before
  • After
  • Revenge

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