Save the natural beauty

Save the natural beauty

Camiguin is a diamond under threat.

Thanks to its volcanoes the island is blessed with magical beauty. Lush green mountains, virgin jungle, waterfalls, hot springs, rolling highland pastures, rice terraces, virgin valleys, coral reefs, black and white beaches and idyllic villages.

Almost all of this is accessible with hiking trails and by paddle boat.

Camiguin, a perfect setting for nature lovers, wants to be among the prime destinations for ecotourism in the Philippines.

Unfortunately this paradise is besieged by greed. Reckless construction in the name of development threatens to destroy the very assets which are meant to become accessible. The bulldozing of entire mountains, the slicing up of villages and road constructions right into the natural wonders destroy what they are supposed to promote.

The Citizens for Green and Peaceful Camiguin are a movement for sustainable development, for soft tourism that creates and does not destroy; for hiking trails instead of cement highways; for intelligent ecotourism instead of concrete madness.

For tourism for the people not against them