The Wall of Shame

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) with the approval of the Local Government Unit (LGU) does not let up in destroying the natural beauty of Camiguin with concrete.

In the name of progress a two kilometre long concrete wall is built along the road from Benoni to Guinsiliban. Its official purpose is to protect the road from rock-fall. But there is more to it.

During the construction of the road an entire forest of indigenous trees like Naga, Epil and Molavi was cut down. Once the trees were gone a few rocks came sliding down the hill. The hill itself is made up of stable clay ground with almost no natural erosion.

The solution would have been to replant the slope with new trees and further stabilize it with simple stone-riprap or wire-mesh gabions. This would have been much cheaper, more natural und much more attractive for the tourists who travel along the scenic highway.

So why did they build the WALL OF SHAME and spend millions on concrete?

Make a guess!