Who we are

From left to right:

  • The first BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2014: Jonas Ebcas – Secretary, Fe E. Ulfstein – Treasurer, Joy King- Vice President, Maria Teresa Rami – President
  • CGPC delegation voicing their protest against a polluting diesel power plant at the Department of Energy in Manila, June 2014: Maria Teresa Rami, Fe E. Ulfstein, Dag Ulfstein, Grace Flores, Nestor Manundo and Luisito Ucab
  • Current Board of Trustees and Associates; Jonas Ebcas – Secretary, Boy Warque – Board Member, Gil Jadman – Chairman, CGPC Consumers Association, Josie Bacsin – Board member, Maria Teresa Rami – President, Fe E. Ulfstein – Treasurer, Zuendolyn Penalosa – Assistant Secretary and Gingging Gallos – Vice President

We are supported by more than 8000 members and uncounted friends and sympathizers from other environmental groups. Our support base also covers a growing number of local and international tourists and many concerned Filipinos living in Camiguin, somewhere in the Philippines and all over the world.