No to Diesel Power Plant

The Citizens for Green and Peaceful Camiguin came into existence when it suddenly came to light, that a decision was taken to build a Diesel Power Plant in the middle of a peaceful neighborhood, close to peoples’ bedrooms, their children’s playgrounds and their lanzones plantations.

The neighbors were never asked whether they liked the idea to sleep with smokestacks by their bedside. Instead of consulting them as the law demands they were ordered to the highest offices of the Province to sign documents under threat.

They were also neither consulted nor informed when the local government and the electric cooperative negotiated with the builders of the power plant to push through with a project at the cost of the citizens of Camiguin. The power plant is now built and in full commercial operation. The noise and fumes attest to it and the struggle against it continues.

The chapter History reveals how the power plant was built against the law and against the will of the people.