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Camiguins electricity is the most expensive in the Philippines. How a dirty diesel power plant sponsors a private luxury resort financed by consumers.

The Kings Energy Generation Inc. (KEGI) has found a new way to enjoy their lucrative deal with Camiguin’s electricity consumers:  The Private Diesel Power Plant of KEGI has now a private resort called El Planta Resort. The DPP is supposed to supply power to CAMELCO according to their contract. However, CAMELCO is getting power from

About us

The Citizens for Green and Peaceful Camiguin Inc. (CGPC) are registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under Reg. No. CN20142987 since May 2014 as a non-political non-profit non-government organisation (NGO). CGPC is associated with SULOG – One Sendong is Enough, a coalition  of environmental watchdogs and progressive civil society organizations in Northern Mindanao particularly Task Force Macajalar, a  federation

Who we are

From left to right: The first BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2014: Jonas Ebcas – Secretary, Fe E. Ulfstein – Treasurer, Joy King- Vice President, Maria Teresa Rami – President CGPC delegation voicing their protest against a polluting diesel power plant at the Department of Energy in Manila, June 2014: Maria Teresa Rami, Fe E. Ulfstein, Dag

What we want

We The Citzens of Green and Peaceful Camiguin recognize that Camiguin is a natural paradise and we want to keep it that way. We want to have a say in all decisions that affect our well being, our environment, our livelihoods and our future and the future of our children. We want that the rights

No to Diesel Power Plant

The Citizens for Green and Peaceful Camiguin came into existence when it suddenly came to light, that a decision was taken to build a Diesel Power Plant in the middle of a peaceful neighborhood, close to peoples’ bedrooms, their children’s playgrounds and their lanzones plantations. The neighbors were never asked whether they liked the idea

Save the natural beauty

Save the natural beauty

Camiguin is a diamond under threat. Thanks to its volcanoes the island is blessed with magical beauty. Lush green mountains, virgin jungle, waterfalls, hot springs, rolling highland pastures, rice terraces, virgin valleys, coral reefs, black and white beaches and idyllic villages. Almost all of this is accessible with hiking trails and by paddle boat. Camiguin, a perfect setting for

The Wall of Shame

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) with the approval of the Local Government Unit (LGU) does not let up in destroying the natural beauty of Camiguin with concrete. In the name of progress a two kilometre long concrete wall is built along the road from Benoni to Guinsiliban. Its official purpose is to

Citizens Rights

The rights of the Filipino Citizens and of all Camiguinons are protected by the constitution. Hundreds of laws were formulated to guarantee the well-being of the population. Many of them are specifically made to guarantee that the Filipinos can enjoy life in a sound and healthy environment. All of these laws enshrine basic and universal

Court Cases

In our fight to stop the illegal construction of the diesel power plant Greenpeaceful Camiguin detected many abnormalities and illegal dealings with enough proof to file cases and complaints against government employees, politicians and private individuals. This was a huge challenge since no lawyers from Camiguin were willing to take CGPC’s cases. The crimes involved

History of a struggle

How a small group of courageous Camiguinons took up the fight against a multi-million Peso company and their local government in order to save their environment – THE ILLEGAL CONSTRUCTION OF THE DIESEL POWER PLANT IN MAUBOG, BALBAGON, MAMBAJAO CAMIGUIN – AN EYE OPENER AND LESSON ABOUT THE WORKINGS OF PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS (picture: stage sabotaged

The Submarine cable scam

THE TRUE SUBMARINE-CABLE STORY –  HOW THE CAMIGUIN ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE (CAMELCO) LOANED PHP 220 MILLION AND WHY THE MANAGEMENT WANTED TO KEEP IT ALL SECRET….. The narration of events is based on what was discovered and patched together from the time CGPC discovered ERC CASE NO. 2010-098RC for a 220Million loan and the documents they

What the law says

The laws are made to protect the people –  The people themselves must make sure that the laws are implemented.  The foundation is the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines.                                                   

The Power Game

The Philippines’ power production and supply networks are regulated by government agencies. It is their job to make sure that all Filipinos have access to electricity and that the Filipino electricity consumers are getting a fair deal when paying their electricity bills. The National Electrification Agency (NEA) controls the electricity generation and distribution businesses and

Donations and support

A clean environment and peoples rights don’t come for free. It needs effort, personal engagement, courage, knowledge, research and persistence – and last but not least funding. If you want to support the Citizens for Green and Peaceful Camiguin with your knowhow, skills or expertise please get in touch with us. If you want to


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