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Camiguins electricity is the most expensive in the Philippines. How a dirty diesel power plant sponsors a private luxury resort financed by consumers.

The Kings Energy Generation Inc. (KEGI) has found a new way to enjoy their lucrative deal with Camiguin’s electricity consumers:  The Private Diesel Power Plant of KEGI has now a private resort called El Planta Resort. The DPP is supposed to supply power to CAMELCO according to their contract. However, CAMELCO is getting power from

Who we are

From left to right: The first BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2014: Jonas Ebcas – Secretary, Fe E. Ulfstein – Treasurer, Joy King- Vice President, Maria Teresa Rami – President CGPC delegation voicing their protest against a polluting diesel power plant at the Department of Energy in Manila, June 2014: Maria Teresa Rami, Fe E. Ulfstein, Dag

The Wall of Shame

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) with the approval of the Local Government Unit (LGU) does not let up in destroying the natural beauty of Camiguin with concrete. In the name of progress a two kilometre long concrete wall is built along the road from Benoni to Guinsiliban. Its official purpose is to

The Submarine cable scam

THE TRUE SUBMARINE-CABLE STORY –  HOW THE CAMIGUIN ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE (CAMELCO) LOANED PHP 220 MILLION AND WHY THE MANAGEMENT WANTED TO KEEP IT ALL SECRET….. The narration of events is based on what was discovered and patched together from the time CGPC discovered ERC CASE NO. 2010-098RC for a 220Million loan and the documents they