Camiguins electricity is the most expensive in the Philippines. How a dirty diesel power plant sponsors a private luxury resort financed by consumers.

The Kings Energy Generation Inc. (KEGI) has found a new way to enjoy their lucrative deal with Camiguin’s electricity consumers:  The Private Diesel Power Plant of KEGI has now a private resort called El Planta Resort.

The DPP is supposed to supply power to CAMELCO according to their contract.

However, CAMELCO is getting power from KEGI Gingoog, as the multi million DPP in Camiguin can only produce 1Mw instead of the 4.4Mw they claim they can supply in order to get approval from the ERC.

It is still unclear, if the the Power Supply Agreement (PSA) of KEGI and CAMELCO is approved. The temporary approval of the PSA under ERC CASE NO.  2014-119RC was issued by the former Chairman Salazar, who was suspended and expelled.

Who is paying for the electricity of this resort and who is paying for the almost 500 Million peso cost of the construction of this Diesel Power Plant? The consumers? Who else.